850 Hurricane Shelters
Who we are
A modest investment to keep your family safe from the most violent F-5 Tornadoes and Cat-5 Hurricanes.

At 850 Hurricane Shelters we believe the community needs a service like ours for dual purposes can be used for food storage ,pantries, outbuildings anything you need they are already insulated, soundproof,easily temperature controlled,many extra uses.

Safe-at-home storm shelters are engineered to 250 mph wind forces and 100 mph missile impacts. With a safe room you can sleep peacefully during hurricane season knowing that you have a safe place to go in your home in the event of a hurricane.

You won’t have to spend days on the road during an evacuation, stuck in traffic, trying to find a place to stay that will take pets, losing time off from work, spending lots of money, getting stuck in long gas lines, and eating bad food at roadside restaurants.

A properly engineered safe room is structurally independent of the surrounding home, has adequate passive ventilation, and an armored in-swing door in case you have to climb out over a pile of debris.

With a safe room you will have a safe place for your family, pets, and infirm dependents to go to on very short notice. No need to disrupt your life until the hurricane actually makes landfall and then only for a few hours. A safe room is also a great place to store valuables. The triple deadbolt armored door stops wind, missiles, and thieves.

  • Safe and Secure
  • Built to Withstand 250 MPH Winds
  • Flexible Payements